We have developped products and services to answer our client’s specific needs


Most Frequently Requested Services

  • Market studies (profiles, behaviours, perceptions)
  • Market segmentation analysis
  • Customer lifetime value assessments
  • Demand assessments
  • Customer satisfaction and expectation ratings (monitoring and benchmarking studies)
  • Service quality ratings
  • Positioning analyses of stores/branches, concepts, products and services
  • Performance assessments of stores/branches, concepts, products and services
  • Market tests of stores/branches, concepts, products and services
  • Price testing / elasticity assessments
  • Pre and post-testing of advertising campaigns, advertising and promotional concept testing, effectiveness ratings
  • Brand equity ratings
  • Business location studies
  • Studies on customer points of origin

Available Tools

  • Powerful statistical analysis tools (perceptual mapping, clustering, factorial analyses, correspondence analyses, discriminant analyses, logistic regressions, etc.)
  • Data-mining
  • Fifty-five computer-assisted telephone interviewing stations (CATI), providing real-time data entries and ongoing monitoring and eavesdropping of surveys in progress
  • Online surveys
  • Two focus group rooms (with an observation room and a recording system) located in Montreal and Quebec City
  • QUEBEC SOCIO-STYLES: a powerful tool for psychographic segmenting, decision-making and forecasting (based on surveys with 3,000 + respondents)
  • Geomarketing tools using data from Statistics Canada and other databases
  • An international network of research correspondents
  • An international network of experts


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