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In an increasingly turbulent environment, corporate and public organization leaders face major changes in technology, competition and market, social and cultural values, as well as political, legislative, and regulatory environments.

Zins Beauchesne and Associates has developed a systematic and flexible approach to support corporate, or public management in the analysis of these changes, the evaluation of their impact, and in the decision-making process required to face, or profit from, these changes.


Zins Beauchesne and Associates can design, write-up, and contribute to implement strategic, or development plans, thus enabling corporate, or public managers to:

  • Establish a strategic diagnosis
  • Acquire a clear, strategic vision of their organization’s future
  • Define, or review their organization’s mission, goals and objectives
  • Develop strategies to reach these goals through their organization’s core competencies and competitive advantages
  • Translate strategies into operational activities
  • Align the organization as a whole to support these strategies
  • Mobilize internal resources and external partners for strategic plan implementation
  • Develop and implement strategies of change and innovation
  • Evaluate and measure performance in achieving objectives

Frequently Requested Services 

  • Strategic analyses of industries, sectors, regions and markets
  • Benchmarking analyses
  • Strategic diagnoses
  • Building a strategic vision and strategic planning
  • Corporate or organizational strategic plans; global, or by strategic units
  • Regional or sector-based development plans
  • Strategic organization and resources alignment
  • Organization mobilization strategies: technologies and know-how, human resources, partners, outsourcers, and suppliers
  • Innovation strategies
  • Performance evaluations

The strategic planning approach developed by Zins Beauchesne and Associates can be applied in various contexts:

  • Private, manufacturing, technology, or service-sector corporations
  • Government departments, public organizations, or local / regional communities
  • Cultural, social, professional, economic, or industry-sector associations


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