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As part of the development process of a project aimed at:

  • Creating a business
  • Expanding a business
  • Introducing a new product, a new service, or an innovation
  • Further developing an existing product or service

A commercial, technical or financial feasibility study that may be required to assess its viability and its conditions for success.

The professionals at Zins Beauchesne and Associates are highly experienced in conducting feasibility studies. Zins Beauchesne and Associates can also provide you with a step-by-step approach starting with the market and the technical anaysis.

The various components of feasibility studies are designed to address specific issues.

  • Market analyses serve to:
    • Characterize how target markets will react to your project
    • Position your direct and indirect sources of competition
    • Assess your sales and income potential
    • Determine your key success factors, particularly when it comes to your products, services, pricing and distribution
  • Technical analyses serve to:
    • Ascertain your project development capacities, i.e. you processes, raw materials, supplies and expertise
    • Determine the required investments and operating costs
  • Financial analyses serve to assess (or forecast) the financial viability of your project:
    • Comprehensive investment programs
    • Financing structures
    • Income and spending forecasts
    • Budgeted financial statements
    • Sensitivity analyses

Generally speaking, feasibility studies indicate whether or not:

  • The target markets will be receptive to your product or service
  • You fully control the key aspects of the project
  • The potential profitability of the project meets your established criteria

When the results are positive, the next stage may be to draw up a business plan.

Zins Beauchesne and Associates provides an effective and integrated step-by-step approach. And following the specific issues and stage of your project:

  • The sequence of your project stages will be customized; and
  • The required areas of expertise will be brought together

Feasibility studies sometimes involve legal considerations.


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