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Project organizers or promoters usually draw up a business plan when they need to:

  • Secure financing
  • Move a project forward within the corporate structure
  • Convince potential partners
  • Mobilize human resources and focus their energies in one area.

The most elaborate version of a business plan often includes the following key points:

  • Description of the company or project:
    • Profile and history
    • Key personnel
    • Mission / vision
    • Operations
    • Structure
    • Etc.
  • The products and services offer:
    • Description
    • R&D
    • Target clients
    • Intellectual property
    • Competitive advantages
    • Processes and inputs
    • The market and the competition
    • Development or implementation plan and marketing strategy
  • Financial information:
    • Historic financial performance
    • Required investment and financing strategy
    • Financial treasury and profitability forecasts
    • Responsiveness analysis
    • Risk analysis (internal and external)

Most Frequently Requested Services

Zins Beauchesne and Associates is often called on to:

  • Track and analyze information in order to develop a business plan
  • Advise senior management or project promoters on the development of underlying business plan strategies
  • Design the business plan

Zins Beauchesne and Associates also provides complementary services, such as conducting market studies or assisting you with the implementation of your business plan.


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